Rug Repair

List of Rug Repairs:

Rug Overcast:

When a rug‘s fringe is broken, overcast is used to prevent and stop unraveling of the rug. This mainly happens on the end or edge of the rug.

When rug fringe damage is extensive there are three options of fixing the fringe itself:

One is adding artificial fringe. We are experts in locating and matching artificial fringe to perfectly fit your rugs.

 Sometimes it’s possible to make French out of the rug (which is like overcast). This may cost a lot and takes a lot of time.

The hardest and most expensive way is to reweave and add fringe the original way.


Fixing holes:

Holes lessen a rug’s value. We can restore any piece. With enough original material, it is possible to take care of the damage in two ways.

The traditional method requires a square cut after which a foundation is  placed as a backing. Using hammer, hand and nail we fashion knots one by one to create an identical design.

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