Rug Cleaning

Since 1977 Oriental Rugs of Scottsdale has provided the finest Oriental carpet, Oriental rug services and products.
At oriental Rugs of Scottsdale we treat your expensive rug with extra care and handle. 

This process involves of couple of steps.
First Step: the rug is shaken and thrashed from back for removing dust.

Second Step: the rug is vacuumed from front.

Third Step: depending on the rug is soaked by respect to the rug dye. Note: depending on whether is Vegetable or Aniline dye the process may vary since Aniline dyes cannot be soaked (Soaking Aniline will make the colors run) Once the rug is soak wet, then is treat it just like normal hair.


Forth Step: is to wash it once with a special rug shampoo, second, with a special rug conditioner.


Fifth Step: the rug is brushed.

Sixth Step: The rug is washed until the draining water is clean.


Seventh Step: The rug is compressed and is hanged to completely desiccated.
After all the cleaning, we start on the french since it is cotton and we do it in a special way. 

For Navajo rugs: it's fasten the dye while the rug is cleaned to prevent the color to run and then is hand washed.
We guarantee our work and take pride in it. We have been doing washing and cleaning since 1977 and are the most experienced in Arizona, specially in Scottsdale.

We recommend to wash your rugs at least once a year, because rugs usually get dusty and over time these small dust particles breaks the rug fabric.

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