About Us

   Since 1977 Oriental Rugs of Scottsdale has provided the finest Oriental carpet, Oriental rug services and products.

Rugs history dates back to 4000 years ago, oldest rugs were found in central Asia. Manufactured by pastoralist nomads whom had access to wool and the products were appealing for its time and even now.

From these early nomadic traditions sprung so-called “Oriental rugs” produced in Asia. An Oriental rug, [link here] by wikipedia reference is a heavy textile made for utilitarian and symbolic reasons and produced in Oriental countries (Eastern Asia Minor) for many purposes, such as home use, local sale and exporting.
Persian rugs, a subset of Oriental rugs made in the area that’s now Iran, prevailed during this time.

 Persian rugs decoration were superior to the other available varieties in the market. Persian rugs are actually heirloom and can be passed on for generations. Historically speaking the Persian nomads had no intention of selling them unless they needed money or in need of some goods thus they exchanged them.

The authentic rugs are real piece of art. The patterns and designs are distinctive that it would be difficult to keep eyes off of them even for dilettante. One would appreciate the intricacy of design done by prowess hands.

It is just to mention that the design is not the only distinguishing factor, each rug has a story behind it. Most of these designs that has flowers pattern are representing a piece of paradise and it conveys a message, its up to the reader to interpret it!

Here at our store we are happy to share this form of art with you. Our store owner, Mr.Azari, have worked in this industry for more than 50 years. He started in New York and now he has moved his business to Scottsdale, Arizona 44 years ago.

Our store has a huge collection of Persian rugs, including Persian-Tabriz, Persian-Nain Persian-Qum, Persian-Kerman and Persian-Kashan. We also have a variety of Indo-Persian rugs such as Persian-Pakistan, Persian-Chinese, Persian-Indian.